Valentine’s Day Preparations


It’s that time of year again. With less than two weeks before Valentine’s Day, couples are running out of time to pick up that special something for their sweetheart.  Flower shops and candy stores across the country are gearing up for what is sure to bring in a massive surge in profits.

“Valentine’s Day is by far and away our biggest day of the year,” Flourishes owner Bonnie Hammond said.  “It’s like any seasonal business.  You have a few big holidays that are a few big selling times.”

Valentine’s Day also proves to be an especially busy time of year for those in the chocolate industry.

“Well of course Valentine’s Day is our most busy day of the year at a chocolate factory,” Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory head cook Jay Bunnorat said. “So, our sales increase probably about 20 times for a regular day.”

According to a Time magazine survey, the average American male spent roughly $126 buying a Valentine’s Day gift last year alone.

“Well, I’d say our typical customer on Valentine’s Day is our men, and it’s across the board,” Hammond said.  “It’s all walks of life.  All socio-economic stations.  Young, old, they all come in to get something for their sweetie.”

In 2012, nearly $17 billion was spent on candy, balloons, and cards as well as numerous other tokens of love. When asked what is one of the essential Valentine’s Day gifts, flowers seem to be a timeless favorite on that list.

“A dozen red roses,” Hammond said. “It’s classic, and it speaks of love.”

Popular flower web sites such as are even offering specials to help consumers personalize their Valentine’s Day gifts.

Links to both Flourishes Flower Decor & More and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory are below:

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory




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