OSU Korean Night

This past Sunday evening, the Korean Student Association hosted its first ever Korean Night event at the Wes Watkins Center here on the OSU campus.  The KSA, as they are more commonly referred to, provided an evening of traditional Korean food, fashion and music.

Also, at the event, the KSA had random prize drawings throughout the evening for those in attendance.

The Korean delicacies on the menu for Sunday night’s event included traditional Korean dishes such as bulgogi (Korean BBQ), kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage), and steamed rice.

Tickets to attend the event were sold for $10.  The event was sold out by the time it began at 5 P.M.

Members and officers of the Korean Student Association had been practicing for roughly two months with daily practices for three weeks leading up to Sunday night’s event with the hopes of offering a rather unique glimpse into Korean culture and what it is all about.

Performances throughout the night included songs performed by various KSA members, the classic Korean dance nanta, and a Korean march known as gukminchejo (Goo-mean-che-jo), where KSA members demonstrated to the audience how they used to begin each school day in their country according to traditional Korean culture.

OSU President Burns Hargis and Stillwater Mayor John Bartley also attended the event where they were overheard complimenting the Korean cuisine and enjoying the festivities.

The president of the Korean Student Association called the event a “big success” thanks to all the participation from international students as well as those who wanted to try something new and venture out and explore a culture other than their own for an evening.

The president of the Korean Student Association hopes that events like Korean Night continue to help bridge the cultural gap between international students and those students who have never experienced cultures other than their own.

The KSA closed out the night’s show with one of the more recognizable Korean performances otherwise known as worldwide dance craze “Gangnam Style,” made famous by South Korean singing sensation Psy.

To check out the original “Gangnam Style” music video by Psy click here.


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